Exercise and Fitness

Hollin Hall Senior Center is a member of the American Senior Fitness Association.  Many
of  the exercise instructors have been leading exercise classes for many years.
We welcome you to visit a class to see if it fits your needs. We recommend consulting a medical doctor before beginning any exercise program.

The following classes are with certified leaders:
Jazzercise instructors , YOGA leader, American Kempo leader and Tai Chi instructor.


Strength Training

Monday, 9 a.m., Room 112
Wednesday, 9 a.m., Room 205

Strengthen your body with moderate standing or sitting exercises. Weights are used. Strength, balance and flexibility are emphasized. No class on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. No class between Christmas and New Year’s.This is a co-ed class!

Exercise – Low Impact

Monday and Wednesday, 11a.m., Room 112

(No class on POT LUCK Wednesdays or when special events are scheduled in Room 112. Call the office when in doubt.)

This is a low-impact exercise class with emphasis on stretching and movement. The exercises can be performed from a chair or standing, depending on the participant’s physical state or preference. Dyna-

 Exercise for Men

Tuesday & Thursday, 9:15 a.m., Room 112

Low to moderate impact exercise designed to improve strength, balance, stability and range of motion through use of the body, lightweights, bands and walls. Activities are completed standing and seated as members are able. Modifications are suggested to accommodate class members throughout.

  Exercise with Judy

Wednesday & Friday, 9 a.m., Room 112

This class is designed to help seniors maintain their flexibility, strength, balance and cardiovascular health, carefully graded from warm-up to cool down. It has a low impact aerobics segment and uses hand weights, stretch bands, and mats.

 Exercise with Gloria

Wednesday & Friday, 10 a.m., Room 112

Aerobic-like exercises, stretching to start, and then again at cool down.

 Jazzercise Lite

Monday, 10 a.m.,Room 112
Thursday, 11 a.m., Room 112
Friday, 11 a.m. Room 112

Certified Jazzercise Lite

Incorporating all of the fun and conditioning components of regular Jazzercise, is an exercise program targeted to meet the needs of active older adults. Jazzercise Lite is a low impact exercise program.

Tai Chi Exercise –Beginner


The Tai Chi Exercise Class, for the benefit of all seniors, is a low impact exercise form that, over time will lead to a healthier life style; while easing joint movement, increasing balance and reducing stress levels. This is an on-going exercise program that may be continued over the rest of one’s lifetime.
Sign-up for new students during March with the new class starting the first Thursday in May.

Tai Chi Exercise–Intermediate


The intermediate class is open to those that have completed a year in the Beginning Tai Chi Class.

Tai Chi Exercise–Advanced


The Advanced Tai Chi class is open to those that have completed the Beginning and Intermediate Classes and meet the minimum requirements for the Advanced Class. In this class one-on-one personal defense techniques are demonstrated. In addition, ritualistic Tai Chi use of both sword and saber is also taught.

Gentle YogAlign for Every Body

8 week sessions as scheduled
Chris Howell, Certified

Build strength, flexibility and balance with this gentle, accessible yoga practice. Classes, right now, are eight week sessions. They are sequenced and modifications are offered to allow people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels to find grace and JOY In movement. Experience the peace and vitality that yoga can bring.