Club Leader Tips

Club Leader Tips for 2016/2017

  • Communication – Mail Slots:  Some Center as well as outside groups/clubs have mail slots which are located in the vertical rack next to where our calendars are kept in the foyer.  Please check them periodically as mail is often addressed to a club or the leader of member of that club.  (Genealogy mail slot is still located in the main office.)
  • Fire Drills:  Remind the members of your group that the Center will conduct mandatory quarterly fire drills.  These can and will occur at random times.  It will be an evacuation of the Senior Center as well as A Child’s Place next door.  Upon hearing the alarm, immediately leave the building through the closest exit to you.  If you are on the second floor, use the stairwell closest to you and exit the building closest to the bottom of that stairwell.  ELEVATORS ARE NOT TO BE USED.  Those unable to use the stairwell, EX:  ambulates with wheelchair, will remain on the 2nd floor landing outside of room 218.  All others can get assistance down the stairs with the help of staff and Center volunteers.
  • Other Drills:  Expect other occasional drills such as Tornado and Earthquake.  Staff will be going from room to room, 1st and 2nd floors, to explain what the procedure would be.  (No one need or SHOULD evacuation the building in these instances.
  • Rooms need to back the way they were before your program in order to be ready for the next activity.  Keep them clean.  See staff if there is a need for cleaning supplies.
  • Funding Requests:  You may often wonder where monies go that are raised from our annual bazaar, Hollin Hall’s major fundraiser.  The Center’s Advisory Council retains funds to help support the needs of our clubs and programs.  If there is a particular supply or item that is needed to sustain or enhance your club, simply fill out a Funding Request Form which can be found in the main office.  Staff can help you fill it out if you’re not familiar with it.  It needs to be submitted for approval prior to the next Advisory Council Meeting, which is the first Thursday of each month.