Advisory Council

Advisory Council Members are Our Ambassadors for HHSC!

The Hollin Hall Advisory Council is an elected group of the center’s registered participants. They meet monthly on the first Thursday of the month at 10:00 AM.

The Council meeting discusses various center activities, the needs and funding requirements, and concerns of the members. The Council members are the driving force behind our Annual Bazaar in October! As a member of the center, you are more than welcome to sit in on the monthly meetings.

Advisory Council President’s Message

All Encouraged to Attend.
Are you interested in becoming more involved at the center?  HHSC’s Advisory Council welcomes you to our monthly meetings and an opportunity to serve.  Contact one of the officers for more information!

Meetings: First Thursday of Every Month, 10:00 a.m. Room 217

Elections for Advisory Council in November!

Elections are held every November.  The Nominating Committee begins talking to members In September about becoming part of a very active Advisory Council.  These meetings are open to the membership.  If you are considering running for the Council, you are welcome to join us at the Thursday meeting.

Interested in Learning More!?
Attend one of the council meetings and find out!

Hollin Hall Senior Center 2016 Advisory Council Members

Advisory Council election results are not available.  They will be posted in the center.

President:          TBD
Vice President:  TBD
Secretary:          TBD
Co-Treasurers: TBD

At Large: TBD

Alternate:  TBD

Advisory Council By Laws

Hollin Hall Senior Center Advisory Council Liaison Program
The Liaison Program began close to 10 years ago when the Council President at that time wanted a better way to communicate questions and concerns from the general membership to center staff and the center’s Advisory Council. On the other side of the coin, a way was needed to help disseminate and share information from the staff and Advisory Council to the general membership.

A list was then created of all recurring programs, activities and club meetings; day/days and time the club meets, room number assigned and club leader’s name. Each Advisory Council member would then be asked to choose several clubs they’d be interested in being a liaison to. To make it easy, for instance, an Advisory Council member could choose an activity they already attend, making it easy to take Center information to that club leader and to take any requests or issues back to the staff and Advisory Council.

The liaison makes occasional visits to the club leader they’re assigned to in order to see if there are any needs or requests, or to communicate any pertinent information from staff regarding policy and procedure.
This streamlined the way information was put out to the membership from the staff and the way staff was able to hear and address the concerns and requests of the membership.